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Core Features

  • Allows to execute SELECT statements against business objects.
  • Allows executing simple expressions using a lightweight expression evaluator.
  • Supports top, top with ties, inner joins, outer joins, full outer joins, filtering, grouping, aggregation, sorting, all types of subqueries (exists, all, any, some), derived tables, and common table expressions (CTE).
  • Supports standard .NET objects as data sources (DataSet, DataTable, and IEnumerable).
  • Provides code assistance services to integrate syntax editors.

UI Features

  • Provides integration with Actipro's SyntaxEditor control with full support for syntax highlighting, error highlighting, member completion and parameter info.
  • Provides show plan control to visualize the execution plan similar to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Provides browser control to explore the scope of a query or expression.

Performance Features

  • For optimal performance the query engine internally represents the query as an algebra tree and uses an optimizer to choose between different join orders and to perform subquery decorrelation.
  • In order to remove the overhead of reflection calls at runtime all expressions are compiled to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) using lightweight code generation.

Customization Features

  • Provides advanced customization model for functions, aggregates, data sources, property providers, method providers, and comparers.
  • Automatically uses operator overloadings so that custom data types (such as Money) can be used like in the source code.

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